excuse me, i am a lake

Dalton Kamish


i freeze in the winter
but only when it's cold enough
to hide
never when you need it

frogs in the mud
at the bottom
go dormant (or something like
it) to survive

not like the dead one we put
on your tube
you screamed

hot chocolate made with water
isn't worse
it's just different
and when you're twelve
you can't tell the difference

just like the way you crave
ellios pizza even more than
the best you've ever had.
hot chocolate made with water
tastes more like the ice at aunt sue's
and sore feet
and the meat hook
and smoke from the trash can
and tell me, mommy
/how/ does the burning can
not melt through the ice.

i did your taxes for you and made
your turbo tax password
and you sent me a snapchat
and said
don't tell mom
but i tell her everything