Pixels (ether)

Dave Wright

whittle black mast of your night
the shape of a vessel, not mine
a shadow rippling like waters
on two edges of the prow—
virtual, 3-d pirate battles
on our claim of a pixilated sea
I’d be honored to die watching the evening news
I’d be honored to die
A heart attack battle in a crowded theatre
Opening night of an American Horror Film.
I’d be honored to die on the job.
A docile omnivore walked into a digital pet store and purchased
the original reptile pet key-chain. He said, “It’s okay; you can take me home and play.” 
And when he bit him she said I told you so, and
Kept on eating. The store
Keeps a strict no-return policy. Their receipts:
Big as novels. 
It fades up from hibernation. It refreshes us with a liquid hum.
…and through our astigmatic eyes we squint (mouths closed) &
wade into the glowing screen of ether