There was a road

John Rogers

There was a road, and sunshine, sunshine and snow, and then sunshine and then I was on the road like snow. There were waterfalls, waterfalls, and hail, hail and grass. There were floorboards, creaky floorboards, and the spray from the waterfalls hit the grass and made ice. There was a lake by the road, and the floorboards creaked and were warm, there were smiles, and creaks, and the iced grass looked like pearls, pearl bubbles strewn across the cold ground. There was rain, heavy rain, pounding the roof over our heads, and the smiles were under the roof or not under the roof, then the snow was in the past. The road was strewn with snow that danced in the wind, and there was wool in the grass, and on the people, who were calm, and warm, and then smiled and ate pizza. There was a ferry, a ferry full of people and covered in lights, and people knitted with warm wool and smiled and dreamed of the moon. The creaks were in our heads, and the pearls were not warm, and there were smiles and ice and warmth on the ferry, and grass, and the dreams were not in our heads. The ferry came, and went, and came, and went, and so did the snow, and the hail, and the smiles. There were paths wet with rain, and the people walked the paths in wool or not in wool, and then slept. The sky danced with green light above the clouds but under the moon. The people awoke and cried, danced, came, and went, and came, and then ate pizza that came like the ferry. The mountains stayed, for now, under snow, and the wool was wet with tears, and then was dry, on floorboards that did not creak. We came, and slept, and the snow fell onto the roof over our heads, and the paths were wet under the sky, and we dreamed of pearls and dancing light and the moon. The night was gone like the ice on the ferry, and we laughed or cried. We knitted green wool and the day was white, and then gone. There were words, and we sat in chairs and smiled, smiled at the moon. The words were wet and the floorboards were like clowns in a dream. We took pictures, cried pearls, and danced under the light like the grass, and then it was night and the light was gone like wool. Once more, the road danced through the mountains, and the road was alive with snow, and I was gone like a dream of a ferry.