Kevin Adickes

sometimes stones walk
sand can sing and

at the Brocken
a mountain famous for its ties to witchcraft
you can actually see your ghost dance across the clouds

in the twelfth century
two green children crossed “a
river of light” 
and appeared in little town called Woolpit

and the Voynich manuscript is
a mysterious, undeciphered codex
dating to the fourteenth century

dating to the fourteenth century

in 1518, the people of Strasbourg began
involuntarily dancing for a month
without rest

many died from exhaustion

in 1593, a Spanish soldier suddenly
appeared in Mexico with no idea
as to how he arrived

he claimed that just a few moments before
he had been in Spain
the Mary Celeste was
a ship discovered in 1872
unmanned and apparently abandoned
despite fine weather and a good crew

and one time, in 1942,
strange lights over LA led to
a massive anti-aircraft artillery barrage

there was a chicken named
“Miracle Mike” who lived for over a year
after having his head cut off

just running around
i’m not sure how they fed him

and the first people
widely reported to be abducted by ufo’s
were said to be hallucinating
from the stress of being an interracial couple

so, in 1959, eight hikers were found
dead after suffering trauma from
an inhuman
force that irradiated their bodies
and blinded them

that same year, Joseph Kittinger, became the first man in space, 
jumping back to Earth from a high-altitude balloon
breaking the speed of sound in the process

since 1960, almost 600 dogs have
inexplicably leapt to their death
from Scotland’s Overtoun Bridge


beginning in 1962 the people of Tanganyika
began to uncontrollably laugh
for almost 18 months leading to
a regional quarantine

and two years later, Jim Templeton took a photo
of a child and a strange
unknown figure
that remains both evocative and unexplained

you really have to see it

in 1966, two men wearing lead masks
were found dead of an unknown cause
and accompanied by a mysterious note
that detailed a bizarre plan

since 1971 residents in a private Spanish house
have claimed to see images
of faces appearing in their concrete floor

and Fred Valentich’s last inflight transmission
claimed that an object was hovering above him
was followed by scraping noises
no one’s found his plane

in 1979, a company
was commissioned by a pseudonymous patron
to make a public guidestone
of strange rules to live by

since ‘82, 
shortwave station UVB76’s
tone pattern has only been
interrupted three times by voice

and there are tiles
found all over the world
buried in asphalt
with the same coded message

an unknown hijacker once
interrupted a WGN broadcast
dressed like Max Headroom

he exposed his ass and
drank Pepsi

why do many residents of Taos, NM
report hearing a constant
inexplicable hum like
a diesel engine idling?

i heard that in the 90’s
they detected a sound deep in the ocean and
when they measured it they said it was
originating from an animal much larger
than a blue whale

human feet have been washing ashore
the Pacific Coast

so, in 2008
workers at a 3M tape plant
encountered an impassable force field

i read about it when it happened

It has annually rained fish for more
than a century in the country of Honduras
but it’s of little consequence because
the director of Fermilab
stated that our universe is most likely
a giant hologram

a lightbulb in a Livermore, CA fire station
has been in continuous use for 109 years
on most nights, thousands of bright red
lights are seen rising from the bottom
of the Mekong river before shooting skyward