Shane Jesse Christmass

Evolution. Bronx Kill. Big seas. Sexual denouement. Drag queens. Somatic sex. Religious service. Brandy and ice. Hotel room. Gramercy Park Hotel. Bed sheets. Isolation. Hotel cleaners. Ideas. Brutal ideas. Present imagery basks in sun. Slight insanity. Lies. Water fountain. Sofa bed. Cloth. Nightgown. Tarot cards. Bed sheets. MED close shot. Car door slams. Gramercy Park Hotel. Camera. Groggy. Clipped toenails. Optic implants. Basement vault. Knife wounds. Louis Vuitton. Balcony railing. Dissolve to: Old man’s legs. Time travel. Hotel keys. Old man’s shotgun bag. City. Toilet block. Body parts. ESP. Unattainable targets. Disarmament programs. Social welfare programs. Mysterious police forces. Indefinable jurisdictions. Factory lines. Technological advancements. Modern slavery. Silent things. Silent laughter. Dead soldiers. Hot weather. Ice chests. Agricultural bulletins. Pigs. Healthy bodies. Simple preparations. Drawings. Medical expenses. Electric clock. Small round mirror. Dead man. Comfortable support. Soft cloths. Small night-lights. Large arteries. Physical exertion. Weaknesses. Door chimes. Sun. July. Insect hum. Sledgehammer strokes. Morbid excitement. Pleasure exquisite. Shapeless things. Endless processions. Great silences. Case history. Death. Viperous enemies. Environmental concerns. Staff room. Clammy bathwater. Configurations. Personal calls. Hotel guests orders white wine. Room service. Solvents. Membranes. Voice tricks. Battery acid. Ochre. Dirt. Magazines. Anatomy. NASA studies. Food products. Amoebas. Vegetable matter. Visual differences. Pinkish hue. Primrose flowers. Putrid apples. Wooden barrel. Extreme energy. Bunions. Worker’s feet. Abscesses. Skins. Corns. Calluses. Bonfires. Twilight air. Grease. Spinach. Peppery flavour. Natural selection. Meat ingredients. Hot dog. Malpractice. Space research. PSI scientists. Entire populations. Hollywood walk. LAPD. Newark. Airplane. Sun eclipse. Hudson River. Clouds. Lipstick. Silence. East River. Luggage. Little Italy. Passports. Customs. Paralysis. Dewdrops. Seat 7D. Airport lounge. Automatic doors. Canal Street. Rodeo horse. Hot dogs. Bratwurst. Milk. Gas canisters. Food carts. Porcelain. Wooden trestles. Gingham tablecloth. Rubbing alcohol. Car accident. Lambs slow-moving. Fresh fish. Prices soar. New diets. Rope tricks. Bronx Kill. Perpetual war. Manhattan. Office cubicle. Hollywood celebrities. Military operation. Stomach cramps. Coveralls. Grease. Sleet. Morningside Heights. North Sea. 96th Street. Women’s clothes. Existence can’t work. Prosthetics. Tears. Robots. Unusual animals. News tickers. ISIS. Civilian clothing. Mace rifles. Netflix. Potato mash. Holograms. Lindsay Lohan. Poisonous bacteria. Dilaterol. Syrup. Body. Manhattan. JFK airport. Police siren. Blank paper. Penn Station. Ravenous eyes. Hudson River. 42nd Street. Late lunch. Hash browns. Draught beer. Waitresses. Internal rocks. Acidic liquid. POTUS. Television screens. Human-machine symbiosis. Stock exchange products. Government interference. Cashmere. MIDI controller interface. Medical modifications. Excretive function. Human body. Ugly scene. Involuntary cochlear implants. Headphones / transistor ear pieces. Uptown Manhattan. Birth-hands. Cybernetic ones. Robotic. War veterans. High-tech surgical gloves. Sense enhancements. Electrical properties. Cult members. Washington DC. Subhuman cyborgs sew electronic skin. Burn victims. Restorative sensation. Hands. Optics. City gas lamps. Bionics. Artificial existence. Hungry. Thirsty. Pocket book. East River. Medical condition. Ecstatic anxiety. ESP. Abnormalities. Burnt-out cigar. Black eyes. Nervous movements. Black hair. Coarse complexion. Upright horse carriage. Military air. Ex-territorial officer. Active service. Brilliant smile. Oriental expressiveness. Dark eyes. Successful man. Lamentable exception. Business friends. Abstemious habits. City chophouse. Spider-like activity. Toy species. Restless NYPD patrol. Staccato fashion. Tall fair girl. High-legged tan boots. Military appearance. Library door. Clear complexion. Bright eyes. Perfect health. Humidity. Yellow mist. Street lamps. Runabout car. Athletic type. Exotic charm. Red tail-light. Insupportable misgivings. Poisonous suspicions. Blackest theories. Telephone bell rang. Physician’s interest. Visible effort. Cigar stump. Left corner. Short intervals. Rich voice. Professional crystal-gazer styling. The dream-reader. Telephone bell. Habitual floridity. Nasal voice. Invisible speaker. Monotonous intonation. Police. Egyptian. Telephone receiver shook. Cigar stump. Full-length portrait. Confectioner’s shop. Neat parcel. Yellow Babylon. Precious gems. Rich stuffs. High noon. Agreeable appointment. Alert suspicion. Dark man. Grey furs. Silk scarf. Cab windows. Smooth brow. Thin straight line. Loose silver. Glossy dress-boots. Bloodthirsty. Hungry. Rifles. Perpetual debris. NYC. Night settles. Certain phrases. Slender features. Motor oil. Cab drivers. Silly ideas. Mop buckets. Tolerant smiles. Saloon drinks. Rodents. Ram raid. Second-hand-clothes store. Psychic condition. Dewy freshness. Future intimacy. Holograms. Lubrication. Cheap detergent. Brandy. Potential marriage. Strong-arm man. Power plant. Street scenes. Great fortune. Good garage. Wicker chair. Surveillance. Dirty business. Sleek cheekbones. Escape routes. Murder. Gangsters. Coins. Pretty little men. Muscle car. Brains. Two-gallon jar. Extra-special cocaine. Head. Bones. Humorous woman. Entire NY City. Steam. Apelike tumour. Séance followers. Casual business meeting. Telepathy. Clean car seat. Green leather. Yellow light. Humid dusk. Lovely complexion. Gauzy scarf. Soft little chin. Cynical type. High-strung condition. Juvenile petulance. Occult authority. Sardonic amusements. Slave morality. Taxi rank. Butter cake. Sleet rain. Unborn perfections. Professional disappointments. Blurring. Paranoia. UFOs. Peasant commune. Space city. Hair salon. Apocalypse. Secret theatre. Psychic work. North Sea man. Anthropology. Hunter/gatherer society. Prodigious drone. Health food. Thoughts repeat. Beads. Doled-out freedom. Obscene time. Death-trip bogey. Numbers. Loading dock. Heavy purse. Big trees. Anorexics. Gnostic. Splatter art. Old man. Hopelessness. Mystical balloon. Summer meadows. Theme song. Stomach cramps. Cornucopia. Continual creation. Cosmic generosity. Arms grey. Lantern stirs. Art sadist. Space gamblers. Characters. VCR. Child murder. A particular book. Prostrate trees. Dead guys. Patriarchate. Quiet walls.