how to exacerbate the mundane

Joyce Chong

I have put my body inside my body,
portioned out the sections
that have grown too big, too abstract
to fill the empty spaces properly.

I have emptied out my self and
been left with less than before,
been left with only this mass,
this space dwindling, growing
smaller, growing lost.

I have left my skull open,
felt the fog drift out from my head
and mix with the sky; bones gone to rust,
cerebral oxidation.

I have swallowed this silence,
let it sit in my mouth as the taste
turned fermented, as I went drunk
off the ethanol, the taste of
distance, of lack. 

how to exacerbate the mundane,
step 1: don't shut your eyes.
step 1: wait.
step 1: wear potential like an anchor.
step 1: do nothing / 
            let yourself turn stagnant / 
            blood go stale / lungs