Liturgy of the Aisles

Stephen Krauska

green-red-orange-brown-blue-spewing mouth
automatic sanctuary doors & vegetable spritzers
shelved, cellophaned, twist-tied.
hymns, auto-tune & 3-chord,
breathe on my ears: nuns in blood lace.
fruit of the vine & work of human hands
magic electric refrigerated shrines; how easy
to confuse magic, electricity, Catechesis, economy.
through our sacrifice & through the intersession of saints
Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, MasterCard, Linoleum,
may our fruits be iniquity free. our vegetables engulfed
by flames but not consumed; purified white on the Lord’s Holy,
clear-cut, South-American Mountain.
our Science & Savior doubles the size & (indistinct mumbles) the flavor.
vitamins don’t grow on trees we dig in petroleum for these.
do not trust carbs’ false promises have faith!
in glowing carrots, trust! in radiant peaches.
cross yourself as you cross the air curtain
it keeps out temptation & flies,
microbes, mitochondria, your sinful skin cells.
sign up today
& visit seven times seven times so the CEO of CEO’s might grant
your credit score a Plenary Indulgence.
I sign & PIN & sing & pine
I walk out in jubilation & ribbons, (cleaner), receipt-paper, coupons!