Landscape II

No Glykon

With the muted, indistinct taste of the sterile air gripping their expressionless mouths, the dim, fluorescent light clutching the air, and a slight draft pulling lackadaisically across the room from the rectangular, grated air-conditioner vent in the ceiling and out through the door to the hallway, roughly in the middle of an emptied, hazy, third-story, efficiency apartment, new living area and kitchen fixtures showing signs of abuse, dents and marks and scratches and broken bulbs, ribbed scrapes in the floor planks from pushing all the furniture into the hallway, and the walls veiled with heavy, black-plastic, waste bags, with ghostly, crumpled-up-beneath-the-sink creases in the bags creating a texture of countless, faint, repeating triangles, uneven edges from being torn open, and large, staple-gun staples holding them to the wall, gray dust, grains of dirt, dull colors and dull edges, and little bits of somewhat recognizable debris around the trim where the wall meets the floor, with him sitting and her standing on the hardwood planks, stained with a dark, illusory finish haunted by their vacant, blurry reflections, and the umbral door painted a deep, otherworldly, flat black to roughly match the inky, plastic bags stapled to the walls, the scraped, moved-furniture lines creating a crude, crosshatch pattern of numberless, repeating, umbral diamonds near the door, at an arms length in front of an open, black-leather briefcase full of an assortment of high and low quality, handheld cameras, SLR and DSLR and Polaroid and large format and thirty-five millimeter, as the quiet, shadowy Echo reluctantly stands nearby watching blankly with a bored, miring glare, and thinking about Ayden, her thoughts about Ayden’s thoughts distracting her from what she is looking at, and letting out a low, pessimistic sigh, Mike casually takes a photo of himself while pretending it is candid, staring into a blank spot on the floor, and indifferently thinking of the delaying scrapes in the planks with the air conditioner producing an unending, dull drone.