Sahara Shrestha

You worry that every time you’re doing something
You could be doing something better
Making supreme use of your days and nights
Stalling the passing of your flailing life

Work is never fun
Even when you sneak on facebook, drink beers and put music on
Because you’re sitting in front of the computer
Doing the same thing over and over again, or something worse

You wish you were out walking in the sun instead
You wish you were drinking that beer in the bar
You wish you were home reading in bed
In bed, you wish you were at the café with your laptop

Drinking hot coffee with brown sugar and a hint of milk
Listening to some song by Jesus and Mary Chain
Wishing you had a boyfriend to fuck with.
What if time spent alone is a waste of time

You get your friends and you go to a show
You get high and the bands play you your favorite songs
Only those nights you do not worry;
You swoon and you forget you are alive.