Point of View

Reality hands is only interested in progressive and outsider content. This is a political magazine. 


Reality Hands has open submissions for short stories and poetry. The zine is a pretty informal thing. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Please, no capitalists or bigots or jerks. 

Other Projects

Serialized work, I have a distinct interest in working on serialized projects. Do you have a novella or novel that needs a home? Consider serializing it on Reality Hands. Please send proposals to the address below.

Other Other Projects

If you have an idea for a chapbook or a full-length book or some conceptual whatever, feel free to submit those too. But submitting to the zine first it preferred. 


For the zine, all rights belong to the authors. They made it, and it is theirs.

If something is commodified, the earnings will be split to favor the content creators generously. Currently there are no ads, and nothing is for sale.


If you feel like submitting or something, send your work to the address below: