An HDTV Sky Behind the Whir of Calm? GIT. THAT. SKY.

Zachary Bond

O divine vat of humor! these moose
cuffs, antic hands, dinosaur ass, vermin eyes—
the alien pants: orgy-heavy emus
unhardened ospreys’ teeth ie pried

ie taught them the thing a noose hugs.
If avalanche ontology (trendy af)
hadn’t earned the dead free lives, so what?
In adventure, joy’s a gamble caged

by loud empathic powers. Moth of ice
fluent in echoes ie whines, breathe on
thru winter’s sloth—don’t OD, bet the mess:
tragedy chases beast regret. Dawn

abounds, a cloud-tatted tyrant
a genghis mind—lunar, grayish—a romance.



from Sonnet 78, after K. Silem Mohammad