scalp oil harvesttime

cooperstown on a bad bet

desocking the loved one


whizzed right past

pitchfork telly vee

hu-man race

dryer sheet lasagna

miffle skee

unblamedly kisses nape

on the ones on the twos

gargantuan opry

lycos feed truckers

jack of small trades

blimping along the ferryway

blooping also blonking

please don't mosh here

sectarian value grabbed


big on pralines and fronting

jeeves is still gay now

obsidian u bagel

sing at all violeta

ayurvedic dorian mode

barcelona's next top keypad

dustered on a laserdisc

cufflink big muff &

raspberry pie

hell is high water

other people right

where you are son

call me beep me

what ever happened

to my lunchbox

join hands warbling

worth two in the bushes

cummed up a windsock

pillbox fifty-nine fifty

the flattest of earther

tupinamba and friends

snippy like a binderclip

fahrenheit for all mankind

craft pulp fixins

yelpers and the airwave

marrying this ghostbar

sadness pennies topknot

twenty-seven names for

louis vuitton moet energy

a rock record

with the disappeared

he plays four riddims

dispeels fruits

meantime in greenwich

the duke of yore

cuisinarts a vogue ad

sick as a meyer lemon

sweet as a dog

wringing out each other's

schoolmarm tendril flakes

paintbrush off the nose

gestured due north

she needs this like yesterday

with a hole in her head

takes a toke on a coke can

frames direct

dadgab on em like the usual

dwindle down a bindi

sourberry crunch straws

we ain't ever heard of us

hard of hurrying

point a to point me

pentagonal cardiac divide

hafta make it work

this way and that one

sixpence nothing whistles

billboard riser baby

steelcut alligator boots

drinking down the guadalupe

not a chair in the world