CITIES bob sykora

On the other hand, what absurdity can be imagined greater than the institution of cities? They originated not in love, but in war. It was war that drove men together in multitudes, and compelled them to stand so close, and build walls around them.

- Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, “Plan of the West Roxbury Community,” The Dial, January 1842.

What absurdity can be imagined greater than the institution of cities?

In what men can cities be imagined? In what war can love be imagined?

What compelled men to build cities around absurdity?

What love drives men to war? Men build war together in cities so imagined.

In multitudes, love can build imagined institutions around great cities.

Institutions can compel war so close to absurdities imagined in love.

Love originated in institutions, in the absurd walls built so close around hand built cities.

Compelled to war, men hand city walls to the multitudes to build greater institutions.

Driven together into cities, love built walls around war, so close to what the hands imagined.

Cities originated so close to absurdity love can be imagined building war around them.

War in the hand, cities drove men in love to absurdity greater than the walls built of their hands.

Multitudes in their hands, walls built around absurdity, men love not in war but in institutions.

Hands in the war, absurd love in close cities compelled men to originate institutions.

Men in war drove together to cities. Hands built love to close institutions of absurdity.