i take the subway to work
a businessman in glasses sits next to me
the fleshy part of his hip bumps mine everytime the train leans into a stop
i press myself against the wall on my left so that i don’t have to touch him anymore
he plays candy crush for the whole ride

work is work
i have a lot of emails or something
i go to the bathroom and put my hair in a ponytail
5 minutes later, i take it down without looking in the mirror
15 minutes later, i put it up again and leave it in a ponytail for the rest of the day

i eat lunch on the museum steps with graham

i see someone i knew in high school on the subway home
i pretend like i’m not living at my parents house
he lectures me on the lack of women in film
his tight jeans with a hole in the left knee make me want to throw up

i make plans to see him on thursday

please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns