Dessa Bayrock

Dessa Bayrock lives in Ottawa with two cats and a variety of succulents, one of which occasionally blooms. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Is Dead, Blank Spaces, and Funicular Magazine, among others. She is the proprietor of post ghost press. You can find her, or at least more about her, at, and at @yodessa on Twitter.

Stephanie Valente

Stephanie Valente lives in Brooklyn, NY. She has published Hotel Ghost (Bottlecap Press, 2015) and waiting for the end of the world (Bottlecap Press, 2017) and has work included in Susan, TL;DR, and Cosmonauts Avenue. Sometimes, she feels human.

Sarah Sophia Yanni

Sarah Sophia Yanni is a half-Egyptian/ half-Mexican writer living in Los Angeles. She is an Editor at Sublevel Magazine and is currently pursuing an MFA from the CalArts School of Critical Studies. Her words have been published in Arkana Mag, BUST, Palaver Arts, and others. Find her on the internet at

Mike Corrao

Mike Corrao is the author of Man, Oh Man (Orson's Publishing) and Gut Text (11:11 Press). His work has been featured in publications such as Collagist, 3:AM, Always Crashing, and The Portland Review. He lives in Minneapolis. Learn more at

Brandon Freels

Brandon Freels has an MS in Writing/Publishing from Portland State University. His poems have appeared in The Bitter Oleander, Exquisite Corpse, Hobart, and other publications. He can be found at and @koalacanth.

Lindsay Costello

Lindsay Costello is a multimedia artist, poet, and art writer from Portland, Oregon. She has published two poetry chapbooks, So What if I’m Unfolding? in 2017 and Bloomswelling in 2018. Her poetry can be read in SAND: Berlin's English Literary Journal, SUSAN, Safe Spaces, and Pom Pom. She’s the founder of soft surface, a digital poetry journal, residency, and bookshop.