DEVOTION kate glavin

We saw an accident one night on the way to Pizza Hut. They were pulling dead bodies out of a station wagon, and a girl in a purple sweatshirt was standing beside the car, screaming. 

This made me cry, and I was still crying at the restaurant when my father said that sometimes the Lord takes things from you so that you can prove your devotion.

What do you mean? I asked.

He told me the story of a teenaged girl who was a painter. She met a boy and fell in love and wanted to have sex with him, but she also wanted to save herself for marriage. She was very attracted to her boyfriend and was afraid she wouldn’t be able to abstain, so she prayed to God to help her stay a virgin. 

One day, she went swimming at a lake and climbed to the top of the rocks to dive off. She thought the water was deeper than it was, and when she hit the bottom of the lake, she was instantly paralyzed. 

My father seemed proud when he said, She remained a virgin and learned to paint with her feet! 

I cried even louder. I said

that is not okay