SOP MY GLUM gin hart

ok,he kneels like a leader
are u brave enuff to pull
the rotlice w tweezers
from my eye? could u
chandle my lear?

threats are poetry
                     the house is pink
                               w starz

hold my watch
play w my chest
hair while I die

when u get all snapped back in
∆c l ick∆
     u smellin like something well-wintered

creatures with bones soft
small enough for humans                         
to eat
+ prep methods
                      list: dead calendar
                      systems of the world

i am hungry
it is hard to cope
me eating
             one whole burrito

ur either dealing w a pink goo
oar a pink crust it , -'s a time thing
surely there's a texture in the middle
i didn t see it
a flower opening too

there are many woodgames and ball
and dumbgames

i... can hear the locks

well im here to touch things
that dont make sense

for now, it -'s one more day i
haven tpissed
my leotard

mice will still
live in train
after the end
(ofthe world)