SWEET RANCID rebecca kokitus

when I’m in the city I tend to look up more often / there is so much to sense / let me run my tongue along the grit of it all like gooseflesh / let it stain my mouth like dyed sugar / overwhelmed by scent / this must be how dogs feel / sweet rancid like wine / I’m drunk on this place / this pollution cloud cotton candy dissolving on my lips / the air in skyscraper shade cool / as a rich woman’s hand / I am always a tourist pretending I’m not / I am always a gypsy moth throwing herself / at the neon / whoring myself out to the cheapest glow / I’m saying / look at me / I’m calloused and I hardly ever smile so / I think this is my home / I think that’s what the river was trying to tell me / when she stretched like a string of bubblegum / from my front door to center city